Responsive design and Modern web development

What is responsive design?

Responsive website design, or responsive web design, uses “media queries” to determine the screen resolution of the device displaying the website. Images and grids on the website are designed in a way that allows them to resize to fit the screen. A version of the site is transformed to display on the screen the website visitor is using. An excellent example of Responsive Web Design from one of our clients shows how responsive web design adapts its resolution to the device on which it is being viewed. This page has been created with a responsive web design, feel free to view it with a tablet, smartphone, or PC to see how it automatically resolves to your browsing environment.

Advantages of Responsive Design 

There is a proven protocol for optimizing mobile sites and avoiding duplicate content issues with the conventional site. Responsive website design is usually more expensive than a mobile website due to the extensive development time required to implement a quality responsive web design. But if you subtract the cost of time and effort required to create a mobile site and implement the right strategy for mobile SEO from the additional cost of responsive design, and keep in mind that responsive web design is a long-term solution, the responsive web design option becomes much more affordable, even for a small or medium-sized business.

what is modern web development?

The engineers that make web development possible are called Backend or Frontend Engineers. Every web developer project must have a QA Tester in charge of measuring the quality of the software development process, among its main tasks to create and test, we define Fronted as applications that the end user can find. Modern web development involves the creation of front-end applications to connect to servers where they send and receive data. Front-end applications use a single-page format.

What are the differences between web design and web development?

As we have seen in the definitions of both terms, the difference between web design and web development is clear. Web design is in charge of defining the visual part of a website, while web development translates this design into web design languages at the interface and server levels.

Web design is mainly given a common use. Often, when we talk about web design, we associate this term with the whole process of creating a website, including the visual and structural aspects. Sometimes, web development is also used to refer to website design, ignoring the fact that to develop it, we will need to start with a web design.

What is more important?

Because each web project is unique, web design and web needs vary accordingly. There may be a website that focuses only on the production of services, we do not need a high level of web development and focus our attention more on its design. On the other hand, in the global warehouse of many nations related to the complex system, web development will be the key to enabling everything that is needed to work properly.

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