What are the good and bad things about working from home

What are the advantages of working from home?

You avoid commuting

By working from home, we avoid those long commutes to perform productive tasks, reducing travel time to zero. You should know all the pros and cons of working from home today.

This is especially noticeable if the job is in a big city, where traffic jams and parking are common. Right now, saving means increasing workers’ efficiency by reducing stress and having more time to rest without getting up early for work.

Fuel savings

During the economic crisis caused by inflation, which cannot be controlled by either the European Central Bank or the US Federal Reserve in their territories, the price of oil is above 2 euros per liter and, unexpectedly, will continue to rise to unexpected levels. Therefore, everything related to moving away from cars and saving fuel will positively impact our economy and, in general, reduce the need for fuel. That’s why it’s important for companies to know the pros and cons of working from home.

Work and family life

Due to this epidemic’s restrictions imposed in 2020, work is far from popular for a few weeks or months. Many people have seen how (despite the drawbacks we will talk about later) remote work has allowed them to successfully (albeit smoothly) meet their work goals and at the same time be able to devote more time to family, including care. the youngest members of the household spend a lot of time with them. This strengthened the bond in many families who were already tired because of the distance involved in the long hours of commuting on work days.

Reduced CO2 emissions 

With each passing day, the public becomes more aware of the damage that pollution and climate change are causing the world. Telecommuting has benefits in terms of CO2 emissions. By reducing the need for daily transportation, working from home reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. The effects of pollution are very visible in big cities, already in the distance you can see the famous beret of pollution on days (or weeks) of heavy traffic and traffic, which should prevent the entry to the cities to species of a particular vehicle. Reducing the use of automobiles by people and all means of transport that emit polluting gases is a way to take care of the environment and our health.

Flexible scheduling

Here we find several positive and negative aspects of working at home. During the months in which teleworking became fashionable, many companies implemented it as a pilot project operation with the objective of flexible working hours. This new method, which rewards productivity and the successful completion of certain planned tasks, allowed the employee to distribute his or her available working hours in a totally or partially free manner. In many cases, workers could choose the hours of the day during which they would perform their tasks by prior agreement and organization with their colleagues. A meeting preceded the organization of the week, at which the objectives to be achieved were established, but neither the timetable nor the distribution of the worker’s schedule was detailed. Although the flexibility of the program was very high, there had to be hours of availability or events or requests from colleagues, but without fixed schedules, the choice of free time slots allows to increase productivity and balanced work life. in many cases of family life due to time management.

What are the disadvantages of working at home?

Working at home has advantages and disadvantages, once the main advantages are known, we explain to you which can be the main disadvantages of working from home.


These performance problems are often linked to a lack of concentration, due to interference from dependents or the propensity of the environment itself to distraction. After all, our home has always been linked to relaxation, rest, and leisure. This hasty transformation to home office environments in the wake of the pandemic has not been well implemented by many workers, who ended up working with a laptop on the office desk with an uncomfortable (and unhealthy to spend several hours) chair.

It is essential and of utmost importance that those who work from home and not from a space expressly intended for work, establish an area where there are no interruptions in certain time slots and that is adapted to work with good lighting, office equipment, large screens, and ergonomic office furniture and for professionals. It is true that in the early days of the epidemic, this had to be done quickly and without preparation, but today there is no reason not to create a home office workspace that increases productivity and protects health.

Physical bonding with co-workers

Working from a foundation is a hardship for bonding with co-workers. It is certain that thanks to the connectivity of which we have today, to carry out video calls and to embed in the continuous horizon with the colleagues of assignment is very simple.

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